Help Wanted!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any organization, and the BCCA is no different. Your National Specialty is being brought to you by a team of volunteers, and we'll all welcome the offer of additional help during the week of the show. Want to be loved, needed, and deeply appreciated during the show week? Come join us volunteers!

Volunteers are needed for everything from manning the Hospitality area to helping to sell logowear to straightening the tunnel between agility trial runs. Even simple jobs such as replacing the poop bags around the exercise area or carrying trophies to the conformation ring need doing, and sometimes all that's needed is a few minutes of your time at just the right time.

Not only will you earn the undying love and admiration of the committees (and maybe some snacks), but you'll acquire contacts for the next time your club hosts the Specialty! Every host club needs all the help it can get.

A lot of Specialty jobs don't require any special knowledge or skill, just a quick bit of instruction just before the event starts.

Whom to Contact (We'll Be Your New Best Friends)

Here's a quick list of some Specialty jobs that always need help, plus whom to contact if you can volunteer some time. Note: This list is by no means complete. You can always just show up at an event and volunteer to help, or contact a Committee member before the show and say, "I want in."

Event Job Skill Level Contact
Conformation Ringside Social Media (2 people) Work with the ring stewards to post results after each class is judged. Requires knowledge of FB and Twitter. Must be a fast typist or cut/paster. Quick reflexes wouldn't hurt either.
Conformation Ringside Setup Simple. Help the Conformation Chair set up tables, place tablecloths and flowers, and lay out supplies for the judges and stewards. Can you follow instructions? Are you a morning person?
General Help Grooming Area Maintenance Simple. "Spot check" the grooming area from time to time. Restock supplies and straighten up as needed.
Herding, Obedience/Rally Timer Simple. Can you operate a stopwatch?
Agility, Obedience, Rally Leash Runner Simple. Can you take a leash from the steward and bring it someplace else?
Herding, Agility Score Sheet Runners Simple. Carry a sheet of paper from Point A to Point B.
Agility Jump Setter Simple. Can you read numbers? Can you match them up with the ones the gate steward is announcing?
Agility Tunnel Straightener Simple. Can you straighten fabric? Can you follow instructions?
Herding, Agility Scribe Requires some attention to detail. Write down what the judge tells you to write. Can you follow instructions?
Auction, Trophies People to Carry Stuff Simple. Some items are fragile, though. Some people are needed to "model" the items at the auction itself (don't worry — you can still bid!).
Auction People to Man the Silent Auctions The Silent Auctions will take place during the week, but more than one person can help man them.
Parades Parade Chair We need one. If you want to see the titleholders, rescues, and therapy dogs strut their stuff, someone needs to volunteer to head up the whole effort. You'll get support from the rest of the committee, so you won't be alone — but without you, we can't have the parades at all... So plese step up! Carol Sirrine, (Show Chair)
Parades Emcee(s) Simple. Can you read stuff off paper forms into a microphone? Do you love to show off? Emcees are needed for the Titleholders, Therapy, and Rescue Parades. The work can all be done by one person, or divided between two or thre people.  
Parades Setup Help Can you follow instructions? Have a sense of organization? The Parades Chair needs some help setting up and arranging the ribbons and gifts for each parade.  

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