Show Sponsorships

The BCCA National Specialty wouldn't exist if not for the generosity of its donors. Your donations help us cover the costs of everything associated with putting on a production of this size, from ribbons and rosettes to gifts for our judges to printing and postage costs.

As an individual donor, you'll not only receive heartfelt thanks from the Show Committee, but also recognition of your generosity and some small tokens of our appreciation. Note that the deadline for inclusion in the show catalog is September 8, 2017. We will happily accept contributions after that date, but we would like for you to receive the recognition you deserve.

You can make your donation now via credit card or PayPal by clicking on the buttons below, or you may include your donation on the Master Registration Form or on the Registration page when you register for the Specialty. If you prefer to donate now via check, please contact Carol Sirrine at for mailing information.

Thank You

Our generous show sponsors are here.

Sponsorship Levels

The Sponsorship levels are:


$10 - $99


  • Sponsorship listing in the Catalog


$100 - $249

Receives a choice of:

  • Free B&W ad in the Show catalog, or
  • Free show catalog


$250 - $499

Receives a choice of:

  • Free color ad in the Show Catalog, or
  • Free welcome bag


$500 and above


  • Free color ad in the show catalog, AND
  • Free catalog

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